We believe in making virtual fashion prototyping effortless, affordable, and accessible by offering fashion designing apps to everyone starting today.

How it works

We believe in making virtual fashion prototyping effortless, affordable, and accessible by offering fashion designing apps to everyone starting today.

Our fashion designing apps bring your fashion ideas to life

Our online fashion designing apps seamlessly integrates 3D prototyping into your product development process – without changing the way you work or having to buy expensive clothing design software.
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Outsourced 3D designing made simplest

It’s like having an in-house team of experienced 3D artists at your service. Your brilliant sketch can transform into an impressive Hi Res 3D fashion simulation in a matter of hours, not weeks by using our fashion designing apps.

Meet the Team

Amnon Shalev


Amnon brings vast fashion industry experience. He believes that the power nested in 3D virtual simulations, together with close cloud collaboration between designers, brand managers and pattern makers, can help the fashion industry better adapt to market trends with significantly shorter product development lifecycle.

Patrick Abbou


Patrick brings two decades of experience developing software solutions for the fashion industry.  He is the founder of C-DESIGN®, a software house located in the heart of the Paris fashion district.

Yael Gelberger


Yael has vast experience in B2B marketing, working as a strategic planner and operations manager in various startups and high tech companies. Throughout her extensive career, she also acquired deep knowledge of the growing fashion 3D simulation market.

Our Partners

virtuality.fashion’s workflow is based on designers’ feedback telling us how they wish 3D seamlessly integrated into their current workflow. C-DESIGN’s software developers team programmed the engine supporting our 3 step virtual 3D simulation solution.
C-DESIGN recently launched C-DESIGN PLM : a cloud based, user friendly, easy to implement and to use PLM for fashion

virtuality.fashion 3D experts utilize high-quality scanned materials to create stunning, photo-realistic visualizations essential for online sales and authentic product presentations.
The Vizoo xTex system is a new and powerful technology that creates physically-based textures of material surfaces and capable of transforming multiple material-swatch images data, acquired by the xTex scanner, into a seamless repeat.


We need freelancers:

  • 3D artists with strong background in using software solutions such as 3DS Max, ZBrush, Mudbox, V-Ray, Photoshop, Marvelous Designer, After Effects or KeyShot for 3D simulations and renderings in the fashion environment.
  • 2D/3D pattern makers experienced on systems such as Lectra, 3DCLO, Browzwear or Optitex. 

Find out more about our fashion designing apps

Don’t hesitate to contact us to ask a question or hear about our novel 3D simulation services that helps business grow by bringing sketches to life better and faster.

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