At Northen Spririt MTO (Made To Order) is not just a slogan.

At Northern Spirit, they believe in a more sustainable approach to fashion. That’s why their Made To Order (MTO) strategy is more than just a slogan. By curbing overproduction and overconsumption, they can limit waste and unnecessary costs, resulting in a better product and a happier customer.

In short, a pre-ordered product costs 30 to 40% less than you’d expect!

The manufacturing process is focused on using recycled materials and producing in factories in Portugal, reducing CO2 emissions and promoting ethical work practices. But that’s not all – they also utilize 3D virtualization to streamline the production process.

3D Virtualisation to reduce time to market.

From the tech-pack stage, product hyper-realistic 3D images are produced before even cutting one meter of fabric. This allows uploading these images to Shopify and begins promoting and selling products before investing in costly photo shoots. By reducing the time to market, we can offer a wider range of products, gauge demand, and plan our stock and production accordingly.

The result? A sustainable, innovative, and customer-focused approach to sportswear. So, visit Northern Spirit and experience the future of fashion.