#digitalfashion, in combination with #ai (Artificial intelligence) and #ml (Machine Learning), form a powerful solution that takes #3dfashion to the next level. Fashion #virtualfashion has evolved from 2D Pattern Validation to #ecommerce and now, harnessed to #datamining, enables demand forecast and even demand creation.

Selectika, a leading #sw (software) company, developed the next generation product recommendation for fashion eComm and chose virtuality.fashion as its partner to provide #digitalassets at scale.

The platform uses #imagerecognition and NLP technology
to deeply analyze a retailer’s catalog (PIM) and shoppers’ preferences, such as style, body shape, behavior, and historical data.

Digital dress virtually fitted on a real model, saving on photo shooting sessions

An AI Predictive algorithm supports Hyper-personalized experience
for the different customer journeys.

#retailers will enjoy real-time data and insights for trends analysis and efficiency even before the sorting process

It is now possible to gauge demand for newly developed products before production or digitize existing products while saving on costly photo shooting sessions.

As a result, personalization is optimized, sustainability is improved, and return levels are reduced.