Full-size 3D presentation

virtuality.fashion photorealistic 3D images are now available in full-size holographic presentations.

Holofashion is the evolution of the new phygital showroom concept, real environments in which digital technologies will increasingly welcome the customer in his shopping experience. The system allows the creation of a full-scale holographic image of a person and digitally display items of clothing alone or worn by virtual models. The contents can also be shared interactively with the use of a dedicated tablet and a collaborative platform. The information update can be performed locally or remotely. In this way, with only one physical space it will be possible to show infinite products.

HoloFashion: virtual showroom next generation
  • Digital fashion week: Hologram is the most realistic and dynamic way to present new fashion designs without producing the garments, anywhere, anytime. At times when traveling is limited and social distancing is an issue, this is the only solution.
  • Digital runway: can be part of new product development and merchandising. This solution facilitates presenting newly developed collections to global marketing, product development, and buyers’ teams. 
  • Retail market: view out-of-stock products or in different variations as well as online sales
Full-size assets holographic presentation


  • True-to-fit: The presented styles can be approved and produced. What you see is what you get.
  • Agile: we can produce any order size, from a single product to entire collections, or digitize garments’ databases of hundreds of SKUs. 
  • Cost: In comparison to producing actual garments, we are by far more cost-effective.
  • Save physical space: a single system that supports hundreds of articles


  • Full size up to 1.8 mt
  • Loop mode
  • Up to 4k resolution
  • Audio
  • Collaborative: remote content manager
  • Holographic effect
  • Content-control by tablet