The fashion industry supply chain is changing, starting rather than ending with the consumer. 2020 global events increased the awareness and demand for Direct To Consumer solutions. Increasingly, brands offer virtual fashion online next to physical products; thus, the need for eComm friendly 3D solutions increases.

A couple of points to take into account when considering DTC workflow

  • Digital assets consume valuable disk space and are not eComm friendly in terms of loading speed. 3D assets new generation is configurable, rendered online in real-time, and seamlessly integrated with online shopping websites.
  • True-to-fit virtualization: at the end of the day, what is approved digitally must be sold online and manufactured. So everything starts with an excellent 2D CAD file.
  • Photo-realistic virtualization. The consumer shouldn’t tell the difference between digital assets and physical products.
  • The immersive online shopping experience. AR/VR integration can add to increasing sales rates.
  • AI integration. Adding the possibility to monitor, analyze and forecast consumer behavior and demand level will optimize production and enable mass customization. In addition, size recommendation capability integration can reduce return rates.

Virtual Fashion eComm in 3 steps

  • Upload your 3D files, or let us virtualize your fashion ideas.
  • We optimize 3D for eComm and add Augmented Reality functionality.
  • You get embeddable hyperlinks to add virtual products to your online shopping website.
New comprehensive immersive online shopping experience.

Configurable 3D  assets are not eComm friendly due to file size. We make Digital Assets light and integrate them with AR for an immersive online shopping experience.

Design-to-consumer without having to produce physical samples. Production optimization supports mass customization, Made To Order, and reduces over-production.

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