Fashion demand-based production. Promoting and selling fashion products before actual production.

3D Visualisation role during the last decade evolved from 2D pattern validation, into rapid concept-to-virtual-line-presentation and recently accelerated in eCommerce use.

digital promotion of products prior to actual production to  hlep better production planning

Since the launch of we focused on developing a workflow that will provide true-to-fit 3D virtualizations. The same process is used to generate 3D digital assets that are the basis for ultra-realistic 3D images and animation.

3D hyper-realistic fashion virtualisation to promote and even to sell online fashion products before actual production

The digital asset creation starts from basic materials provided by the client and can include pictures, fabric scans, illustrations, or tech-packs. The virtual fit will take into an account provided mannequin measurements chart. The clean 2D DXF file can be used as a starting point for sample production once the product will be designated for production.

3D digital assets include 2D patterns that can be used for production once the product is designated to be sold or produced
2D CAD file generated to facilitate sample production.

The new products can be promoted on social media, online, and even offered to be sold on the brand’s online shopping website. AI can gauge interest level and support accurate production avoiding overproduction, reducing environmental impact, and facilitating mass customization.

Contact us for more details about virtualizing your collections and promoting them online before production.

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