Buying clothing online comes with a lot of “what ifs”. What if it isn’t the right size? What if it doesn’t fit right? But what if you could see how clothing fit before making the purchase? You can with 3D! Not sure where to begin? Attend ideation to see how you can integrate 3D technology into your brand’s current workflow.

3D visualization takes the guesswork out of the design process. With 3D capabilities, you can validate an idea by creating true-to-life virtual designs, validate a pattern by adapting patterns based on fabric characteristics, and validate fit through virtual try-on. Give buyers more confidence by allowing them to see how clothing looks on their body, resulting in less returns and more satisfied customers.

Experience 3D first-hand
ideation attendees will get the opportunity to see 3D at work in our interactive studio. See how, through our collaborations, 3D can take you all the way from design to e-commerce. Our demonstration area will feature:

  •’s ability to produce photorealistic images from a sketch
  • AccuMark’s capability to take a 2D design and turn it into 3D virtual samples
  • Avametric’s virtual try-on application to enable e-commerce

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