As discussed previously in THE TRUTH ABOUT 3D USE IN FASHION article, the fashion world is waking up to the huge benefits to be gained from the life-like virtual 3D fashion simulations. Although traditionally slow to adopt innovation, few in the industry will dispute how these new simulations will drastically enhance the fashion workflow.

The superior quality of the simulations means that design teams can comment and correct without having to work on physical samples. 3D allows companies to make faster design decisions resulting in faster approvals, production times, and a quicker time to market. The images can also be used to share with manufacturers, create virtual catalogues, and upload to retail websites.

In practice however, the benefits of 3D simulations are not always realised. Many fashion houses are missing out on an exciting opportunity to improve their business workflow due to the high implementation costs and lack of appropriate human resources required to successfully implement a 3D strategy.

So how can fashion houses make use of this exciting new technology without overtaxing their existing resources and workforce? The obvious way is to follow the lead of other industries and outsource to a third party. In todays’ efficiency-driven market, anything that can be outsourced providing an efficient and economical solution.

Outsourcing 3D simulations to external agencies means that fashion houses derive all the benefits from the new innovations without having to retrain staff and overcome the hurdles associated with implementing a new technology. is the first Global 3D fashion as-a-service agency, offering design teams numerous benefits.

• Cloud based workflow: offering the advantages of SaaS.

• An easy to use service, based on an intuitive interface accessible to both designers and pattern makers.

• Interactive: allowing the development teams to make their comments on the 3D Virtual Prototypes and the Hi Res Simulations§

• A service which integrates seamlessly into the existing design workflow.

• Simulations that are fast, often delivered within a matter of hours.

• Large numbers of simulations will be handled at once.

• Client security will be guaranteed by the use of state-of-the-art security.

• The service will be flexible and able to support production peaks.

• Additional, value-added services such as a Virtual Showroom can be easily added.

The range of services, efficiency and adaptability of an outsourced 3D fashion service far exceed anything that could be offered in-house.

It’s time for the fashion industry to embrace the future and begin to view 3D as a Service outsourcing of 3D simulations as the most practical and economical path to enhanced productivity.

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